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Prokoško jezero, Fojnica, 2004.

Height: 6,939 feet (2,115 meters)
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe
Lat/Lon: 4356.31°N, 1744.62°E
Maintainer: matias


Vranica's is the highest mountain in BiH outside of Hercegovina. Its most characteris feauture is Prokosko Jezero - a glacial lake of stunning beauty surrounded by summer huts, originally used by mountain shepherds but increasingly turned into pleasant yet high mountain weekend houses. Access is along a long yet reasonably well maintained dirt track, suitable for any vehicle with care from Fojnica. Anybody can come for a casual stroll around the pleasant hamlet surrounding the lake. Some for a little camping on the lake’s shores. But for those with the high altitude bug, two 2000m peaks beckon.

Getting There

As you leave Sarajevo on the Mostar road take a right turning signed Kiseljak. After passing Kiseljak take a left signed Fojnica. After 16 km from the turning and you are in Fojnica. Stop to visit the Fanciscan Monastry perched above the town, or experience the socialist-style spa-hotel and healing centre, the Hotel Reumal. Otherwise push straight through the town staying on the same road travelling in a westerly direction. 5 km after Fojnica you will get to a junction where the road splits into three. Take the most right-hand turn and start on a dirt track that will take you - slowly - to the lake.

(see attached map)

Red Tape

No permits required

The area is free of mine fields

When To Climb

Heavy winter snow falls add a significant level of difficulty to the approach in winter. The snow can survive in significant quantities until May at altitude. Hiking is thus recommended in the area from late May to November.

Mountain Conditions

Using a city search for Sarajevo on any of the major weather websites is the probably the best way to get general weather conditions for this mountain

Getting to the top...

The peaks of Nadkrstac (2115m) and Locika (2107m) are the two major hiking targets in this area. They are west of the lake and can be accessed by taking one of the paths in the attached picture. The right path gets you to Nakrstac and the left path to Locika - both take around 2-2.5 hours of hiking.

Locika: The path on the picture is very feint, and in many places little more than eroded lines on the ground. When you get to the ridge on the picture take a left on to a path that is marked with occasional read and white paint marks. The summit is just in the picutre and getting there is pretty easy - just keep on going up and following the marks, first on the left of the ridge approaching the summit and then for the final summit approach on its right.

Nadkrstac: The path shown on the picture gets you to a ridge. When you are on this ridge take a right and follow a marked path on the continuation of the ridge which now goes out in a westerly direction. Hike past a couple of false summits to get to the main summit.

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